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Branding rules you should apply to your business!

It would be easy to think ‘everyday’ businesses on a budget have little in common with how multi-million pound brands organise their marketing.

But how about the need to...

  1. Attract more customers?
  2. Outsmart the competition?
  3. Stay relevant, fresh & be engaging?

Do any of these sound familiar? They should do!

Your business can easily adapt the way big brands address these challenges, without the need for a huge budget. Here are the 4 'S' steps, used by world leading brands that you can apply to your business...


Strategy is the art of making purposeful choices. Based on where you are now, what’s happening around you and where you want to get to. Steve Jobs had a compelling vision for Apple that guided strategic choices about products, design and quality. When he returned to Apple, he slashed the product range by over 70% and turned around a failing business.


You need to provide an engaging story, supported by messages that set out what’s different and special about what you do – and how you go about it. Nike doesn’t just sell sports clothing. It inspires want-to-be athletes to ‘Just do it’, tapping into our values and aspirations to make us feel optimistic and empowered.


Your choice of imagery, design, colours and words establishes your brand’s personality and identity. Use it to stand apart from your competitors. Virgin Airways oozes glamour, fun and sex appeal. Its style is core to its strategy – offering a stark contrast to the staid and traditional approach of British Airways. Talk to us about branding and identity today 01473 276 123 or simply email


Give your customers a coherent and consistent experience to build their confidence and loyalty. Love it or loathe it, McDonald’s does this brilliantly. It serves the same food in the same way, in over 35,000 outlets worldwide. By keeping its brand promise, McDonald’s keeps its customers. They come back for more, because they know exactly what to expect for their money.

Get these four steps right and you’ll be on your way to establishing a brand that’s irresistible, regardless of your budget. To get in touch, call us on 01473 276 123 or email