Updating Your Website...

Is your website out of date?

It's easy today to neglect your website with so many social sites, like Instagram and Facebook - demanding to be updated almost daily, but that doesn't mean your website isn't as important… in fact its more so.

Too frequently, clients launch a website, get excited by the response of the site, new sales and then a month or two, even a year goes by - you haven't updated, it gets overwhelming and then becomes out dated, which could have actually been avoided.

So here are a few tips to help stop that occurring…

  1. Set aside a couple of hours or even a day to upload client case studies, new fresh content and blogs posts. This will help your website stay relevant and most importantly improve your SEO.

  2. If you have forgotten how to use your content management system (CMS), don't worry, Find a designer or developer and just ask for a few hours of our time to retrain you or make the changes for your, based on an hourly or project rate.

  3. If your website is no longer working for you, look at alternatives like Webflow, Shopify, Evance, WordPress or even Square Space. It's super easy today to build a quick website nowadays.

  4. Your website should reflect you and your brand. Make sure if you go through a logo redesign that you add that and your new colour palette, fonts, branding etc to your website. Keeping your identity consistent across social, web and other platforms.

If you want to discuss any of the above in more detail, feel free to contact us and let's see if we can bring your website back to life.

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