I am happy to proceed, what do you need from me?

We always start by thoroughly discussing the details of the project with the client. Essentially, we call this the design brief, it can be verbally communicated through a meeting, we also try to encourage the client to contribute ideas and samples of items and colours that are liked. Equally important is to understand concepts that the client doesn’t like. This helps us rule out anything from the out-set. When we are satisfied we have enough information to work with, we will begin the project by researching ideas, considering concepts and then laying out design visuals, these will be forwarded to the client for thoughts and feedback. We listen carefully to our clients feedback and make the necessary changes to the layouts and offer advice on why we arrived at the design conclusions submitted. This process of amendment and resubmission continues until the design naturally evolves into its final form, usually over 2 or 3 revisions.

What if I don't like the design?

This is very rare. Sometimes we hit the nail on the head first time, sometimes it can take a number of discussions, alterations and design submissions before the client is happy with the final concept. Ultimately, we always ensure our clients walk away satisfied and we feel comfortable that we have put out a job to our highest standards within the confines of the timescale, brief and budget provided by the end user.

Can you produce brand guidelines, for us to follow in house?

Yes, if we are creating a logo and visual identity for you we recommend producing a brand guidelines document. This illustrates to other designers and graphic professionals the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image for your company through careful use of the logo, typefaces, colours and placement of elements on a page. This document covers do’s and don’ts and provides an incredibly helpful resource to your suppliers, distributors and highlights anything they should do with your logo or branding, like constraining the design. It also demonstrates a level of professionalism within your company, that marketing and brand image is an important asset you maintain and continue to protect.

Do you know anyone that designs websites, and print too?

We don't just design! We also design and develop fully responsive websites and deal with all the printing too. We can provide a full marketing solution to you and your business.