Boardwalk Café & Bar

Located in Rendlesham, the Boardwalk Café & Bar is the perfect location for fresh coffees or for that evening Soirée.

Boardwalk Rendlesham opened in December 2017 and is located within the heart of the Rendlesham Community. The aim of the Boardwalk Rendlesham is to provide a central hub for community cohesion and provide quality local food and drinks.

Boardwalk Rendlesham regularly hosts various events ranging from Country Markets to Disco’s and Live music. Come along today and enjoy our great selection of Coffee, Cakes and pastries as well as quenching your thirst with our range of Alcoholic beverages.


We worked along side the staff and the Directors to produce eye catching menus for both around the bar area and on the restaurant tables. The designs also included drinks menus for wall displays!


New Website

Bespoke design and development with minimal content but sleek design.

You can check our there website here.


Other Collateral

As well as branding the Boardwalk Café & Bar with a new website and literature we also designed and printed various other primatial items and branded collateral. Including signage for the car parking areas and building exterior.

Branding, Print, Web DesignTom Rees